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The Supreme Being, is an overarching character in the Time Bandits film. The former employer of the dwarves, he is faced with great difficulty when his map is stolen by the dwarves, who wish to use it to travel through time to amass great wealth and fortune.

Eventually, it is revealed that the Supreme Being allowed the map to be stolen and is in fact, the creator of Evil. In a desperate bid to test what his creation was capable of, he allowed the dwarves to steal the map and further allowed Evil to chase them through time. After witnessing his creation's abilities, the Supreme Being eventually destroys evil and reclaims the map and the dwarves back into his employ.

The true form of the Supreme Being is unknown, but when he appeared to Kevin and the dwarves, he took on the appearance of an old college Professor. It is assumed that he is able to manipulate and change his appearance at will.

Throughout the film[edit]

Little is known about the Supreme Being, and he appears little throughout the film. It is known from the start that the Supreme Being was the employer of the dwarves, and they assisted him in one way or another, but little is disclosed of the exact assistance they gave or the duties the Supreme Being was performing.

It is revealed that in his possession, the Supreme Being had a map which spanned both space and time, highlighting the locations of various treasures that could be harvested to amass great wealth. The dwarves initially believed that they had stolen the map from the Supreme Being. The Supreme Being later appears after destroying Evil, and reveals that the whole thing was a test. The Supreme Being had created Evil and had allowed the dwarves to borrow the map in a desperate bid to see what his creation was capable of.

After explaining the whole ordeal to Kevin and the dwarves, he orders that the concentrated pieces of Evil be collected and contained as they could be deadly if left behind. He also invites the dwarves to rejoin him in his creation duties.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

The Supreme Being using his abilities.
  • Time Travel: The Supreme Being showed the ability to travel through time. He used this ability to monitor and eventually, catch up with the dwarves that he had allowed to steal his map.
  • Creation: The Supreme Being was able to create Evil from scratch. The being was so powerful that after his destruction — also at the hands of the Supreme Being — it was noted that all of the pieces needed to be collected as they were deadly should they be left behind. He later invites the dwarves to rejoin him in his employ in assistance of his "creation" duties, although the extent of such duties are not described. It is presumable that the Supreme Being wished to build upon his creation, improving Evil.

Notes and Trivia[edit]

  • Whilst it is not explicitly stated that the Supreme Being is "God", he acts rather God-like and has the attributes of a god.